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JD Defense carries a wide variety handgun, shotgun, and rifle ammunition for every need at prices you will love. We also sell ammunition by the case at even greater discounts. Call for details and pricing.

When purchasing ammunition keep in mind that your firearm is an investment you want to take good care of. Beware of extremely cheap "junk" ammunition; it is not as reliable or accurate and can have long-term detrimental effects on your firearm. For that reason, we sell only proven, reliable ammunition.

Sometimes you need ammunition that also makes a serious impact on your budget. That's what American Eagle was made for. American Eagle ammunition is produced by Federal Cartridge company, providing the reliability of Federal at greater savings to you.

We also carry ATK Independence ammunition. ATK is the largest supplier of small caliber ammunition to the US Department of Defense, where reliability counts.

Whether for target shooting, hunting, or home defense, JD Defense has the ammunition you need.

If you are unsure which type or brand of ammunition is best for what you want to do, give us a call- we'll be glad to answer any questions you have.

Pepper Spray

We carry a full line of pepper spray products for personal defense. In our experience, the majority of persons who inquire about carrying a self-defense device don’t have a specific need or purpose in mind. Their basis for wanting such a device stems from a general fear of crime.

Persons wanting to carry tear gas should take basic training before purchasing. Tear gas ideally should be carried in the same place every day. A belt holster or loose outer coat pocket is best. A purse or key chain is a poor location because the canister is not always accessible. If you must walk into a dark parking lot or some isolated place you should have the tear gas canister in your hand and thumb near the trigger. Surprise assaults happen very quickly and usually without warning. If the canister is not in your hand you simply won’t have time to retrieve it. The effective range of most spray canisters is approximately 10 feet.

Because customer safety is our top priority, we provide (upon request) basic instruction on pepper spray use to anybody purchasing a pepper spray product. We currently do not provide pepper spray courses for certification purposes.

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