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We are a full line firearm dealership offering every type of handgun for recreational and defensive use and strive to make sure your purchase suits your needs and shooting abilities. In JD, you have over 30 years of handgun and law enforcement experience helping you decide. If your final selection is not in stock, we can have most orders delivered within one to two business days.

Today, there are a growing number of popular Internet handgun sales sites. Federal law requires that Internet sales are conducted through Federal Firearm Licensed dealers. As an added value to Delaware residents, we will receive and transfer used handguns from many of these sites for a nominal fee. if you see something on the Internet that you like, call us!

If you are unsure about what you want, we will take the time to explain the choices to you. You can also take advantage of our handgun rentals and try different models on our range before making your final decision. (subject to rental and range requirements)

Handgun Selection

There are numerous things to consider. When you purchase a handgun from us, we want to make sure it is the right one for you. Factors we will discuss with you include:

  1. Is it for recreational or defensive use?
  2. If it is for defensive use, do you plan on carrying it or keeping it in the house?
  3. Choosing between a revolver and semi-automatic pistol
  4. Different features on pistols
  5. Reliability
  6. Ergonomics
  7. Caliber and recoil management
  8. Your budget

If you have never owned or used a handgun before, we also suggest taking the Beginners Firearms Training course to gain a greater appreciation firearm use and be able to try different types of handguns on our range.

Ultimately, we want you making the best decision for your comfort, enjoyment, and safety even if it means not to purchase a handgun at all!

A Quick Lesson on Handguns

For those of you who may not be familiar with firearms, here is some basic information about pistols and revolvers.

  1. Firearm: A firearm is a device which launches a projectile using the energy generated by the burning of gunpowder.
  2. Handgun: A handgun is a hand-held firearm.
  3. Pistol: Depending on the context, the word "pistol" can have multiple meanings. Technically, pistol is synonymous with handgun, meaning a hand-held firearm of any type. In common conversation, and on this page, the word "pistol" is used to refer to all handguns except revolvers.
  4. Caliber: This is USUALLY the measurement of the bore of a small arm, except a shotgun. New calibers are being invented continuously. One of the most popular new cartridges is the .40 S&W (40-caliber Smith and Wesson, after the gun it appears in). Remember that it is the cartridge, not the gun, that determines how powerful a gun is. Not all calibers indicate bore diameter. The .44 Magnum is not .44 inches in diameter. It is .429 inches in diameter. A .38 Special is not .38 inches. It is .357 inches. The .357 Magnum, though, is truly .357 inches in diameter. A 9mm is .355 inches. Some calibers are also confusing. A .45 Colt is a revolver cartridge. A .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) is an automatic cartridge. They are not interchangeable. Special note about calibers: Never put a cartridge into a firearm that is not designed for and specifically marked as the same caliber as the firearm- although similar, it could lead to damage to the firearm, injury, or death.

Basic Components of a Revolver

Revolvers are handguns that store extra cartridges (1) in multiple chambers (2) within a rotating cylinder (3). When the trigger (4) is pulled, the hammer (5-uncocked position) falls from its cocked position (6-phantom), striking the firing pin (7) which impacts the cartridge (contains primer, powder, and bullet) causing the bullet to discharge out through the barrel (8). Other features include the grip (9), and the cylinder release lever (10).

Revolvers can be designed with many intrinsic safety features including: (A) Grip Safety; (B) Drop Safety; and (C) example of Built-in Lock. Note: Single-action handguns require the hammer to be manually cocked. Double-action handguns are cocked by pulling the trigger but can also be manually cocked. Double-action-only handguns can only be cocked when the trigger is pulled. Each of these types of actions can be found on revolvers and pistols.

Basic Components of a Semi-Automatic Pistol

Semi-automatic pistols are handguns that store extra cartridges (1) in a magazine (2) usually located in the grip (3) of the gun. When the trigger (4) is pulled, the hammer (5-uncocked position) falls from its cocked position (6-phantom), strikes the firing pin (7), which impacts the cartridge in the chamber (8), and discharges the bullet out through the barrel (9). The energy from the discharge causes the slide mechanism (10) to operate, opening the breech and expelling the fired cartridge case. This allows a new cartridge to automatically enter the chamber from the magazine as the slide closes. These components are all attached to the frame (11).

Pistols can be designed with many intrinsic safety features including: (A) Loaded Chamber Indicator; (B) Manual Thumb Safety; (C) Grip Safety; (D) Magazine Safety; (E) Drop Safety; and (F) example of Built-in Lock.

Most Popular Handguns

While we sell a broad variety of handguns, the popularity of several stand out among the rest!

Smith and Wesson Airweight Revolvers- Models 637 (left) and 642 (right)

These J-frame (small frame) revolvers are built with stainless steel barrels and cylinders and aluminum alloy frames with an exposed hammer (model 637) or internal hammer (model 642). They have black rubber Uncle Mike’s Boot Grips. The two greatest strengths of these revolvers are their excellent accuracy and very light weight. Other strengths are the rounded contours of the gun, ease of concealment, simplicity of operation, and high production values in finish and fit. Both are rated to handle +p ammunition, giving you almost .357 caliber power in a smaller, lighter revolver. The exposed hammer on the 637 allows it to be cocked for single action fire which makes for greater accuracy while the “snag free” internal hammer of the 642 and would be the better choice for pocket carry. With a little practice, both are very accurate pistols to shoot. See JD Defense Product Review

Smith and Wesson Chief's Special Model CS45

The smallest .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Smith and Wesson is a powerhouse of accurate stopping capability small enough to be carried concealed comfortably on a daily basis. With a reworked slide action and slightly wider grip than a full sized 1911, recoil difference is almost indistinguishable between the two. Reduced recoil means target acquisition is easier and faster between shots which, in a self-defense situation, can make the difference between life and death. The US military forces also announced this year that they are going to go back to .45 caliber sidearms for standard issue sidearms due to their increased effectiveness in combat and defensive situations. See JD Defense Product Review

Rifles and Shotguns

We provide a full line of rifles and shotguns for recreational, hunting, collecting, and defensive use. Whatever your rifle and shotgun needs are, we can fulfill them. Due to the overwhelming variety of rifles and shotguns, we will list our best sellers-

Most Popular Rifles and Shotguns


12 or 20 gauge
3" Chamber
24" Deep Rifled Barrel
Walnut Stained or Laminated Stock

Looking for the ultimate slug deer rifle? The Harrington & Richardson Ultra Slug Guns have combined the heavy barrel concept of the Ultra Varmint Rifle with the 12 gauge sabot slug to achieve a level of accuracy previously unheard of in firearms below the 1,000 mark. The Ultra Slug Guns used the H&R transfer bar safety system, mated to a heavy action designed for 10 ga. It is bored and rifled for an extremely heavy barrel wall. This process creates the stiffest possible barrel, limiting barrel whip and shrinking group size.

We install rings, scope, and a sling - then bore-sight them. Customers have reported shooting and killing deer at over 175 yards. Extremely accurate!! JD has shot 3 slugs in the same hole on a target with these guns!

These rifles are hard to get and we only receive a limited quantity, so reserve one early for this season.

Bushmaster AR-15

223 Remington
30 Round Magazine

One of the most popular semi-automatic rifles, the AR-15 not only is enjoyable to shoot, but is also like owning a part of military history.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and shoots accurately. If you haven't fired an AR-15, you should; in terms of shooting, it is very handy. It is somewhat loud because its high-velocity bullet makes a very sharp CRACK! as it breaks the sound barrier leaving the barrel. The AR-15 is particularly well-suited for target shooting and there are frequent contests using AR-15s specially modified for outstanding accuracy. Another nice feature of the AR is its size. Women often find full-sized rifles heavy and awkward. The AR, by contrast, is nice and lightweight. The cut-down versions are even easier to use. Bushmaster AR-15s are incredibly reliable and very well-made.

They come in a wide variety of styles and options.

Like the HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON Single Shot Slug Gun above, these are hard to get and we only receive a limited quantity, so order one early!

Professional Rifle Services

Scope Mounting

Inexperience in scope mounting can result in warped and bent scope bodies, scarred and marred finishes, a cracked lens, lost turret caps, a scope mounted backwards, or the wrong mounts and rings being used. Protect your investment- have your scope professionally mounted. This service is free for scopes purchased from JD Defense; a nominal fee is charged for scopes purchased elsewhere.

Bore Sighting

Scopes should always be aligned for accuracy. Bore sighting is fairly accurate and the first step to fine-tuning scopes. At a minimum, hunters should align scopes before each season and any time the scope or rifle has been jarred and you suspect it may have become unaligned. One free bore sighting provided with any scope purchased from JD Defense.

Handgun and Long Gun Cleaning

Firearm cleaning is paramount to ensure safety, accuracy, and longer firearm life. Guns used for hunting should be cleaned before and after each season. Guns for other uses such as target shooting or defense should be cleaned routinely to ensure they are ready when needed. Factors such as dust or moisture present in the firearm's storage location can require more frequent cleaning. If you are unsure, please give us a call - we will be happy to help you determine the best maintenance schedule based upon your needs.

Swivel and Sling Installation

This service is free for swivels and slings purchased from JD Defense; a nominal fee is charged for swivels and slings purchased elsewhere.

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